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Monday, September 26, 2011

Into the Depths

I second the last post's first sentence, minus the glass breaking. Hold on, someone's calling my name outside! ...Anda's fending off a three-foot ninja! Looks like we missed one...
Initiate Laserblast.fnc
There we...huh? A leaf falling from the trees fell straight into the ground! Suspicious, in case you didn't already know. Looks like I'm gonna have to JUMP!
...Into a small pit that's three feet deep and exactly at the center of where that ninja pit from last time was. Wait...a crawlspace at the bottom. Gonna have to duck.... whoo. cramped in here. can't reach the shift or caps lock key so i guess no capitalization for now. hey, it's sloping down!
Activate Chat.exe
anda, i found a hole at the center of the former ninja pit. crawlspace at the side. meet me at the slant.
at least the exclamation point and question mark are separate buttons from the one and slash, respectively.
Coming right over, Caleb!
suspicions are currently clouding my head. what if this is linked to the cannonball and the météor as well as the ninjas?
well, it's getting boring waiting here at the slant. see you when i get out of this crawlspace!

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