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Monday, September 26, 2011

Into the Depths

I second the last post's first sentence, minus the glass breaking. Hold on, someone's calling my name outside! ...Anda's fending off a three-foot ninja! Looks like we missed one...
Initiate Laserblast.fnc
There we...huh? A leaf falling from the trees fell straight into the ground! Suspicious, in case you didn't already know. Looks like I'm gonna have to JUMP!
...Into a small pit that's three feet deep and exactly at the center of where that ninja pit from last time was. Wait...a crawlspace at the bottom. Gonna have to duck.... whoo. cramped in here. can't reach the shift or caps lock key so i guess no capitalization for now. hey, it's sloping down!
Activate Chat.exe
anda, i found a hole at the center of the former ninja pit. crawlspace at the side. meet me at the slant.
at least the exclamation point and question mark are separate buttons from the one and slash, respectively.
Coming right over, Caleb!
suspicions are currently clouding my head. what if this is linked to the cannonball and the météor as well as the ninjas?
well, it's getting boring waiting here at the slant. see you when i get out of this crawlspace!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When Ninjas Attack

Hmm...Nothing's been going on around here lately. Suspiciously quiet. Suspiciously boring. Suspiciously glass-breaking...wait, glass-breaking? Now what? Hmm, now shurikens are flying through the strangely-noisy backyard. That might be a good place to start...Woah, near kunai knife to the head! The backyard has a big hole in it, and ninjas are flooding out! The good news? I love ninjas. The bad news? They're evil.

Initiate laserblast.fnc
Yes, fnc. Short for function, new extension for functions to use.

Hey, more good news! The backyard has stopped spewing ninjas! Good thing i recently beefed up the swingset for a battlecraft/spaceship.

Initiate SWSH Control Console

Initiate laser_bomb.fnc

Yes! Ninjas all blown back into resealed hole.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Strange Activity

@>Message: \nm[Dave]Ohh... what happened?
@>Message: \nm[Luke]Are you okay?
@>Message: \nm[Dave]Yeah, i guess... Well, if you
                  call one leg broken, a
                  cracked skull, and a
@>Message:\incsevere case of motion
                  sickness okay. I
                  guess those clouds
@>Message:\incgot me better than
                  i thought.
What was that? I'm working on The Campout, when suddenly i hear a loud bang? Hmmm...WAAH! A black limo just drove by, loaded with GUNS! The driver is holding one, and there's a...streak rising. It's almost as if that guy fired up to signal something... could it be...a warning?

Monday, June 28, 2010

A lucky escape

Dang, i'm so glad that we managed to get Dad out of that ball craze before we went to Utah. Here's the story: mom announced that we would go to Utah in three days, so we hatched a plan. We would use a hammer to break dad's office window, and he would be able to crawl out into the backyard and enter through the backdoor. Then we would charge our lasers pretty high and blast the balls off the stairs. So there. Not much happened. This is the fiction blog, so i guess my mind isn't working.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Balls, balls, everywhere!

One word: balls. The downstairs has been flooded with baseballs. Unexpected, and dad's trapped. I'll bet it was the dastardly Dopplegangers! First stealing our pets, then trapping me and mom in a brick dome, then the météor incident, and now this! I hate those guys! There are some interesting side effects, too. We have to go outside through the back door (others do too), the danger of leaning over the stairs has been eliminated, and we can get closer to the trapezoidic window than ever! (From the first step of the stairs to the basement floor, there's baseballs everywhere.) We can also play baseball: there's actually also other baseball equipment.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Météor incident--it's over

Hi there. Been a long time since the météor (may-tay-or) incident (That's what we started calling it around the house). I suppose i'll tell you about it.
So it all started at the end of last post. Big météor (that's how i'll pronounce meteor from now on) was heading for the house. I charged my laser and fired it. It just caused a small dent. Really epic. I charged my laser longer, small dent. I launched a L.A.S.E.R, small dent. I fired three charged lasers at once, three small dents. Launched a darkness beam, crackled with electricity? I was a little surprised that it crackled with electricity. I activated chat and summoned the rest of the family to also use dark beam. We kept launching darkness at the météor, and eventually i opened a small hole in the météor and discovered that it was fake. It was mechanical, fortunately---I'm experienced with computerized stuff. I jumped in the météor and started frantically moving things around. Eventually i had moved enough things that i could finish reprogramming the mecha météor by moving a few wires on the central switchboard. Instantly, the météor started flying back into the sky. I escaped through the hole and fired a looooong light beam at the météor, repairing it. I thought nothing about it being sent by the dopplegangers, but now i'm pretty sure it was them.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It's a day after our escape and Wal-mart is under repairs. Me and Anda are out in the backyard searching for clues for the disappearances. We've checked under the leaves and the big rock now. No sign. Not trapped in the window, not on the woodwork or the fence, not up a tree or in a tree's bark, not in the treehouse, not in the toys. We've got one option left--digging. Get some water in the yella bucket, pour it on the dirt patch, scoop some mud up in the empty can, Activate DNA_scan.exe.
3 lumps of DNA found. Which piece would you like to analyze?
Scan 50
Scan 50 means analyze all of them at the same time.
These are all hair strands from channel 12.
Channel 12 is Anda's stuffed cat/purse that she named Lisa and is black and white. One hair was black, the other two were white.
Run chat.exe
Choose channel
Huh? My wristwatch is picking up a signal! And it's coming from channel 7!
Channel 7 is me. Hi, Lisa! Where are you? it looks like a prison cell!
Hi, Caleb. I'm in some kind of prison cell in a secret fortress somewhere in a random forest. An evil you and evil Anda captured me and took me here.
Dopplegangers? I should have knowed! It was probably them who disappeared you and the other pets and attacked Wal-mart!
Attacked Wal-mart?
They shot a massive cannonball through the wall, blocking all escape routes and trapping us in a big brick dome for a week!
I hope there's no more...why is it so dark right now?
OH...MY...GOSH! A massive meteor! Activate laser_charge.exe
Why did you charge your laser...and fire it now?
Big meteor! Heading for the house!
Uh-oh. I'd better log off now.
This does not look good.